Friday, January 2, 2009

Best (and worst) of '08

Just like the title says. No long explanations or anything, just what I feel was best (and worst) this year about God, film, and the Yankees. Because God is obviously somewhat difficult to make a best of list for, I'll just write my top faith-related experiences of the year.

God (best of):
1. second chances - a car, a telephone pole, and downed power lines should've been shocking. Maybe there is an explanation, maybe not, but all four of us walked away.
2. the joy of the Lord - never fails.
3. Bromley 101 - encouraged me in ways they will probably never know.
4. worship - not only in music, but in everything: film, work, studies, friends... I have gained a whole new perspective on it this past year.
5. forgiveness and love - if someone takes your cloak, give him your tunic as well. Forgiveness is more than forgetting or moving past something; it is going the extra mile to repay evil with good. It's friggin hard too.

God (worst of):
1. Not knowing - it sucks.

Yankees (best of):
1. Jeter's farewell speech - taking the old memories and adding them to the new.
2. Yanks go to Virginia Tech - one of my proudest moments as a fan.
3. Mo and Jeter getting cheered at the All-Star game - yes
4. Paplebon getting booed at the All-Star game - He looked like he was going to cry too. Tool.
5. Yanks get Sabathia. And Burnett. And Teixiera. - the gifts didn't stop coming. When I made my earlier list, I expected one signing at the most, so all three big names was glorious.

Yankees (worst of):
1. Not winning it all - yes, the season is a failure when there aren't rings involved.
2. Not making the playoffs - minor roadblock to winning it all.
3. Third place - shoot. it was a bad year...
4. A-rod in the clutch - 0 for 634 with runners in scoring position.
5. Injuries - getting hit with the Plague didn't help the cause.

Film (best of):
1. The Dark Knight - "Why so serious?" A masterpiece.
2. Slumdog Millionaire - fills you with hope and joy, and makes you happy to be alive. To steal from Richard Corliss, it is a "buoyant hymn to life."
3. Boy A - powerful, challenging, and thought-provoking.
4. Iron Man - fun and engaging.
5. Cloverfield - eerily similar to 9/11 videos on youtube at some points. It is unique and well-made.

Film (worst of):
1. Quantum of Solace - it wasn't really the worst film of the year, just the most disappointing new release. It's also pretty much the only bad movie I saw all year...

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