Wednesday, January 28, 2009

LA so far...

I arrived in LA a few weeks ago can't say there has been a moment I haven't enjoyed yet. The apartment is spacious and nice, the rest of the students are awesome, and the faculty/staff are amazing. The weather is fantastic. There have only been a few days where a cloud even appears in the sky and the temperature sits around 75 during the day. 

As far a sights around the city, I've been able to go to the Venice Beach (American History X), Santa Monica Beach (Iron Man), tour Kodak Theater (where the Oscars are held), go to Universal City Walk and see the studios of NBC, CBS, Warner Brothers, Disney, and Paramount. Our class also went to a taping of the sitcom "Till Death" which was a blast. Other places I've been are Sunset and Hollywood blvd., Redeo Drive ($8000 track jacket), InNOut Burger (delicious), and today the Hollywood sign, where a security helicopter chased us away. The Grove, an upscale, outdoor shopping mall is right across the street.

Since I'm here studying film, it's a given that I've watched a lot of movies since I've been here. The theaters are extremely nice, but also cost $14.50 a ticket, which sucks. But we've also watched a few in class, including Fight Club just recently and Swimming with Sharks - scary as heck - last week. I'm still waiting to hear about an internship, so I'm both excited and nervous about that, but its nice having the free time while I'm waiting.

I love the city so far, and if I can get a job in the Hollywood industry, at this point I would take it in an instant. Of course that could change as the semester progresses, but so far it's been awesome. Can't wait to really get started...

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